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Sometimes, Only Hand-Painted Lettering Works!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

January 17, 2016 / Tom Renick

With today's vinyl sign lettering technology, just about everyone is quick to use vinyl.  But sometimes it's impossible to avoid hand lettering...especially when a weathered, antique look is needed, where letters are too large, or where the surface texture is too rough and unstable for adhesion.

Just this past week I was faced with lettering a brick wall that presented several problems and where vinyl lettering was not the right solution.  First, vinyl on the brick would not give it that aged, vintage look that the designer wanted to achieve for this busy pharmacy--vinyl would be too perfect, commercial in appearance, and lack a weathered look.  Secondly, the brick was over three-quarters of an inch thick in four directions, so vinyl would not wrap around all of the minute cracks and crannies of the brick.  Finally, the surface of the brick was so porous and sandy in texture that the vinyl's adhesion was insufficient.

Though hand lettering is becoming a lost art, Murals By Renick frequently uses it to produce needed results on difficult-to-work-with surfaces. Frequently, the price of hand lettering is similar to that of creating vinyl and installing it.  Call today for a free consultation about your hand-painted signage or lettering project. price of hand lettering is similar to that of creating vinyl and installing

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