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MURALS BY RENICK provides unique, hand-painted murals and paintings, decorative artwork, faux finishing, hand lettering, hand-painted and digital signage, and 3D elements & environments for any size of residential or commercial use.  Murals By Renick services Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and the United States, and is a Christian-based business.

Murals by Renick is owned and operated by master muralist Tom Renick.  Tom has a bachelor’s degree in art education (BAE) from Florida Atlantic University, and has worked in the field of commercial art for more than 35 years as a producer and director.  His job titles include muralist, illustrator, graphic designer, and set builder; and throughout his 19 years of high-tech corporate marketing, he has built a strong customer-centric approach to the visual arts business.  All of these talents, skills and experiences are incorporated into every project so that customers can have the highest quality visuals and services possible.  Tom constantly strives to provide excellent value while servicing your needs with integrity and dependability…simply sound reasons for choosing Murals By Renick for your next visual project.

Tom and Tracy Renick 2.png

Tom and Tracy Renick, Owners of Murals By Renick


Q: Why is it so important to make a phone call to Murals By Renick to obtain a price?

A: The main objective here is to obtain necessary information from each customer so that an accurate price is obtained and "surprise" charges are eliminated.  In this digital age, lots of people want to text a request for a mural, and because many of them haven't worked with artist before, they don't provide enough information for me to develop an accurate price.  Please remember, a mural is not a commodity item!  Art is very personal and highly subjective, yet I frequently am asked, "How much does a mural cost?"  Imagine, showing up at a car dealership and asking, "How much does a car cost?"  We all know that the price of the auto involves lots of details: "Is it used?", "What make is the car?", "What year is it?", "What types of upgrades does it have?", and, "What kind of shape is it in?", "Just to name a few?"

So, what exactly does a mural artist need to provide a price?  I need to interact with you on the phone and hear your responses when I provide suggestions so that I'll know if I'm answering your questions and giving you the information you need to make an educated decision about your's best for you and me when we communicate.  Here's what kind of information I need:

  1. What is the size of mural in feet? Width and Height

  2. How high from the ground is the bottom of the mural, decorative artwork or faux?  If it's higher than 8', I'll need either a ladder, a scaffold, a lift, or even a boom lift (some of these are rentals and can impact the overall cost of the mural).

  3. What is the subject matter of the mural? This helps me determine If it's simple and basic (like a smiley face).  A simple mural is considerably less expensive to paint than a mural that has lots of details (e.g. looks like a photograph, or is a complex city scene with people in the streets).  If the mural becomes too expensive, then I can ask you about altering the style to see if we can simplify it and get it in your price range, or conversely, tell you that your budget will allow additional design work to make it more robust. 

  4. Are there other issues that can impact reaching the mural's surface?  Is the mural on a ceiling 60' in the air?  Is the mural, decorative artwork or faux in a winding stairway?  These types of items can be worked around, but I will need to know about them before I price the job out--special scaffolding may be required.  Neither one of us want to get to the job site to find out that a 2 ton, 35' scaffold has to be built using pipe scaffolding, and that all of it has to be carried through a 3' X 7' doorway and constructed on site over a two day period (ouch).

  5. Do you have a photo or an illustration of something that you've seen that inspires you to want a mural?  This may sound silly, but actually, it's very helpful information to have when moving forward.  It gives me more information as to what you want to accomplish with your mural.

At the end of our brief phone meeting (or long text dialog if you insist), I'll provide you with a single, straight forward price with no obligation to move forward with the project and no pressure!

Q: What kind of paint do you use to paint murals, faux and decorative items?

A: I can use any kind of paint that is needed to get the results that you are looking for.  However, about 90% of the jobs require a high-quality latex paint.  Most of the time I recommend using a flat finish in order to eliminate glare.  I can then provide a UV- and touch-resistant coating to add years to your mural or decorative painting investment.  Protective coatings, because they are not always necessary and therefore optional, are an additional cost, and require expertise to apply.  They are well-worth a small price in order to protect your mural from hands, sunlight and other grimy enemies.

Q: What kind of payment do you take for your work?

A: I take cash, check, PayPal and the major credit cards, but don't forget to add tax (Texas) and a 3.5% per-transaction fee for credit card use.


  • Bedroom Mural

  • Boy's Room Mural

  • Girl's Room Mural

  • Children's Mural

  • Living Room Mural

  • Animal Mural

  • Portrait Mural

  • Cloud and Sky Mural

  • Public School Mural

  • Private School Mural

  • People Mural

  • Church Mural

  • Restaurant Mural

  • Government Mural

  • Municipality Mural

  • Foyer Mural

  • Ocean Mural

  • Trompe-l'oeil Mural

  • Mediterranean Mural

  • Hand lettering

  • Signs

  • Signage

  • Scripture Lettering

  • Motorcycle Mural

  • Sunset Mural

  • Wall Mural

  • Super Graphic Mural

  • Seahorse Mural

  • Outside Mural

  • Indoor Mural

  • Gymnasium Mural

  • Mascot Mural

  • Flag Mural

  • American Mural

  • Interior Decorator

  • Interior Designer

  • Best Muralist in Houston

  • Best Muralist in Dallas

  • Best Muralist in San Antonio

  • Best Muralist in Austin

  • Italian Landscape Mural

  • Tuscan Mural

  • Ocean Mural

  • Mural on Canvas

  • Tree Fort Mural

  • Calvin and Hobbs Mural

  • Shark Mural

  • Whale Mural

  • Zoo Mural

  • Jungle Mural

  • Landscape Mural

  • Oilfield Mural

  • Hospital Mural

  • Residential Mural

  • Business Mural

  • Family Tree Mural

  • Model Home Mural

  • Faux Finishing

  • Glazing

  • Furniture Painting

  • Decorative Painting

  • Decorative Artwork

  • City Scape Mural

  • Skyline Mural

  • Murals for Homes

  • Murals for Business

  • 3D Objects

  • Environments

  • Cartoon Mural

  • Fence Mural

  • Exterior Mural

  • Home Mural

  • Pet Mural

  • Animal Mural

  • Public Mural

  • Custom Mural

  • Custom Painted Mural

  • Western Mural

  • Cowboy Mural

  • Racecar Mural

  • Basketball Mural

  • Football Mural

  • Mermaid Mural

  • And many more

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